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Thirty years ago, I had lost a tooth. My teeth began leaning into the space. Dr. Knox did an implant and crown, and made me Invisalign braces. She was so gentle with the procedure. With the great results of the implant and the braces, I can smile confidently.

I’ve been a patient with Dr. Knox for the last 7 years and when I heard she had opened up her own practice, I was relieved. With the new practice location right off the Lowell/Monroe exit, this will make my experience even better with the easy commute which is a plus.

What I find most appealing about her care is her work ethic and that she takes time to explain all procedures before moving forward. She describes all the pros and cons of the treatment so that I can make an independent decision.

I can’t leave there without giving her entire staff props as well. Hands down, her staff is always extremely helpful and so kind.

And to top it off, her new office is AMAZING! Such a cool, modern vibe and LOVE all her plants in the waiting room.

What You'll Love
Flexible Financing
We understand paying for multiple family members’ dental needs can be overwhelming. At Ozark Modern Dentistry, we offer a variety of payment options, so you do not have to compromise your dental care to fit your budget. We take most dental insurance plans, offer payment plans, and third-party financing through CareCredit®.
Same-Day Service
Life is filled with so many surprises, and there are times when emergencies happen. If you are in pain, Ozark Modern Dentistry will do our best to get you out of pain the same day you make an appointment.
Extended Hours
8am – 6pm. We know that it is not always possible to come to a dental appointment during working hours, so we provide extended hours for our patients who cannot take off work for their dental appointments.
Comprehensive Dentistry
Our practice was built with a goal of offering a comprehensive set of dental services under one roof. We provide Examinations, Fillings/ Bonding, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures/ Partial Dentures, Cleanings, Extractions, Bone Grafts, Implant Services, Root Canals, Cosmetic Restorations, Whitening, and Botox Treatments.
Modern Amenities
To make your visit enjoyable, we offer a variety of amenities, including TVs on our treatment room ceilings, Netflix, and a coffee bar.
Kid-Friendly Office
We provide services for all ages! We love seeing kids in our office. Our fun and experienced team make a routine dental visits a breeze.
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